General Forestry Facts

  • To grow a pound of wood, a tree consumes about 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and releases approximately 1.07 pounds of oxygen.
  • Young, well-managed forests tend to be the most efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Old, overcrowded, slow-growing forests begin to use more oxygen than they produce.
  • Growing forests are excellent carbon "sinks." Growth in all United States forests removes approximately 9% of total carbon dioxide emissions in the United States.

Wood products are more efficient to produce when compared to other products:

  • Aluminum products require 126 times more energy to produce.
  • Steel products require 24 times more energy to produce.
  • Glass products require 14 times more energy to produce.
  • Plastic products require 6 times more energy to produce.
  • Cement products require 4.5 times more energy to produce.

Rosboro Forestlands


All Rosboro timber lands are closed to public access. Accordingly, no permits will be issued for the 2016 hunting season. Select permits may be issued for management related activities. Access is only allowed on Rosboro lands with an approved 2016 Limited Use Permit.  

For more information please contact us at (541) 746-8411.

Click here for closure listings.

Restrictions for use of Rosboro lands under the general-use permit:

  • Entry by permit only
  • No camping allowed
  • No fires
  • No motorcycles or ATVs
  • Access is limited to one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset
  • Vehicles allowed on rock roads only
  • Access around active work areas is prohibited
  • Yield right of way to all logging vehicles
  • No garbage hauling or dumping allowed
  • No unauthorized commercial activities
  • No firewood cutting

General Information

Use extreme caution at all times. There is no assurance land or roads are safe for any use.

Gates may be closed and locked at any time.

Vehicles blocking gates will be towed.