What is Timber Framing?

Timber Framing

A centuries-old craft in the Northern Hemisphere, timber framing is a building technique that usually involves stout, solid-sawn beams and posts that are shaped at their connections to lock together.

Compared to typical light frame construction, in which slender sticks of wood are cut to length and nailed together, timber framing typically uses fewer wooden members that are affixed by mortise and tenon or other kinds of joints with wooden pegs.

Another key difference is that light-framed buildings are invariably concealed by finished walls and ceilings, whereas timber frame work is generally exposed and highlighted as design attributes of the architecture.

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Rosboro Timbers technical information.

Rosboro Timbers

Signature Quality

Rosboro TimbersKnown for our tallies, Rosboro's signature quality timbers symbolize our mission; make our customers' jobs easier at every turn. Consistency and convenience are the keys; our timbers are light to no wane and can be shipped with other Rosboro items like Studs, Plywood, Dimension lumber and Glulam. With Rosboro you have a trusted one-stop resource for your essential building materials.

Making Builders Jobs Easier

  • 16'- 18'- 20' grade stamped both ends to facilitate cutting in two
  • Light to no wane
  • End waxed and anti-stain treated
  • Can be shipped with other Rosboro products like Studs, Plywood, Dimension Lumber and Glulam
Sizes Grade Pieces/Unit FOHC Paper Wrap
4 x 6 #1 & Better S4S 56 100% Yes
#2 & Better S4S 50%
4 x 8 #1 & Better S4S 42 100% Yes
#2 & Better S4S 50% Optional
4 x 10 #1 & Better S4S 35 100% Yes
#2 & Better S4S 50% Optional
4 x 12 #1 & Better S4S 28 100% Yes
#2 & Better S4S 50% Optional

Rosboro TimbersAvailable Sizes:

  • 4 x 6, 4 x 8, 4 x 10, and 4 x 12

Available Lengths:

  • 8' to 20', Strongly Favoring 16', 18', and 20'


  • Inquire regarding timber sizes other than 4 x

Grading Association: WWPA


  • Truck
  • UP
  • BN