Rosboro Custom Glulam

Convenience and Flexibility

Rosboro Custom Glulam

Rosboro's custom plant can manufacture beams up to 100' long x 53" deep and 14-1/4" wide.  Curves and Custom section sizes are no problem including metric dimensions. Rosboro can provide Douglas fir treated glulam to meet a specific application and also offers Alaska Yellow Cedar glulam when a naturally durable species is preferred over treated product. Glulam can be fabricated at the plant making job-site installation quick and cost effective and custom glulam can be shipped within 2 to 3 weeks of order.


Rosboro offers many appearances including Architectural, Industrial, Framing, Premium (Industry Standard), and Rosboro’s best appearance Premium Hand Select. Custom glulam can also be specified with a rough sawn texture. Click here for detailed appearance descriptions.

Rosboro Custom Glulam Curves and Camber

Glulam is unique in that it can be easily cambered to suit specific load-bearing spans and offset the effects of deflection. Rosboro Custom Glulam can be ordered with straight or specified camber anywhere from a fraction of an inch up to a tight curve.

Depth Options

Rosboro’s standard depths include multiples of 1-1/2" such as 4-1/2", 6", and 7-1/2" as well as I-joist depth and 9-1/4" and 11-1/4" depths that match 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 joist depths. Ask your sales representitive about depths beyond 53".

Rosboro Custom GlulamCustom Treated Glulam

Rosboro utilizes local treaters to recommend the preservative option that best fits the intended use and provide a quality treated product. Rosboro recommends oil-borne or mineral spirit based preservatives for glulam since water-borne preservatives such as ACQ and ACZA cause excessive checking and splitting in glulam. Custom Douglas fir glulam can be ordered with specified treatment to protect against decay, mold, and insect attack. Preservative treatments are selected to meet requirements of commercial, industrial, or residential applications.

Certifications and Codes

Rosboro Custom Glulam is certified by the APA/EWS and Independent Inspection Title 24. It also carries certification by JAS (Japan) and CSA (Canada). Code recognitions include Approval by ICC-ES Report ES2-1940, compliance with ASTM D-2559 for wet-use adhesives, inspected and certified by APA/EWS in conformance with American National Standards (ANSI) A190.1-02 and it is Los Angeles City approved. Visit our technical library for more information.