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Colorado Framing & Construction is a rough carpentry contractor specializing in framing, siding, window & door installation, and custom decks. We know our customers demand perfection. Every project is led by a qualified supervisor to guarantee that our high standards for quality and craftsmanship are being met for the customer.

Our safe work sites and demand for perfection has contributed to the completion of many successful projects, and will continue to for many years to come.

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Emerson Lofts

X-Beam GlulamIn a defunct community garden where nothing but weeds have grown for the last several years, something new is springing up -- a beautiful new 42-unit apartment complex called Emerson Lofts, complete with underground parking, an interior courtyard and a small tenant garden plot. More than just the sum of its parts though, the three-story structure was also a testing-ground of sorts for Rosboro's X-Beam, as neither the engineer nor framer had any previous experience with a full framing-width glulam.

Time & Cost Savings

"Normally we use LVL," said Brenda Yockstick, engineer at Jirsa Hedrick, but [the X-Beam] was less expensive and had the added benefit of not having to stack and connect them all, and no shimming."

Clint Davis, owner of Colorado Framing and Construction and the project's framer, echoed Yockstick. "I come from California where they use LVL or a solid sawn timber. They love nailing two to four LVLs together and putting them up like that! I like the X-Beam because it's sized for the floor systems. It saves you time because you just set one beam. From start to finish…we probably saved anywhere from 10-15% of time. And the X-Beam is definitely cheaper than LVL. I think it saved about 20-25%."

Looking Ahead

When the project reaches completion in the summer of 2013, few will know the part Rosboro played in the material construction since the X-Beam glulams used are interior and not exposed to view. However, it won't be the last time Yockstick or Davis will work with Rosboro products. "We're already using it on another project," says Davis. "We had the engineer change from LVL to X-Beam. We're all about it, and about to get even another project to use X-Beam!"

Photos by John Niedzwiecki

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X-Beam Floor Install X-Beam Floor with LVL X-Beam I-joist compatible depths
X-Beam long span X-Beam long span X-Beam Prepped for install
X-Beam as part of floor system Building Exterior Project Street View