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Seguin Fabricators, Ltd. has established an identity in the industry as a quality custom metal fabrication facility. We specialize in miscellaneous metal fabrication for the water and wastewater treatment industry having supplied over 1000 treatment plants throughout Texas and worldwide.

 In addition to custom metal fabrication, we can provide the latest technology available in CNC punch/plasma plate fabrication for carbon steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. This growing trend with end-product manufacturers outsourcing their needs for component parts saves time, lowers overhead and manufacturing costs, decreases raw  material storage/scrap, and saves equipment and tooling maintenance. To contact Seguin, please visit their website.

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H-E-B Store, San Antonio Texas

X-Beam Trusses In Texas, You Have to Go Big to Get Noticed

"It's huge. Its bigger than any of the stores I've been in," said one of the customers on opening day of the new H-E-B Plus store near San Antonio, Texas according to a KSAT 12 news article.

The new 182,000 square-foot store, the biggest of the 332 H-E-B locations in Texas and Mexico, opened its doors on Friday April 27th to an enthusiastic crowd that was dazzled by the size and scope of the building. As the supplier of X-Beam glulam trusses that grace the structure's open ceiling, Rosboro is proud to participate in a grandly scaled project (even by Texas standards) that employs 500 people and integrates advanced building methods.

Spanning the huge interior of the H-E-B store, the exposed Rosboro glulam beams make a powerful architectural statement and help reduce the boxed-in, low-ceiling dimensions that exist in many other super-sized stores. As a resource-efficient alternative to timber beams, the engineered trusses were also part of an overall strategy to incorporate energy-efficient measures.

Smart Building Features and Systems

Other energy-smart features of the H-E-B store include aggressive day lighting, LED lights that turn off when aisles are empty, "Night Shades" that pull over refrigerated cases and conserve electricity after hours, and a heating system that channels waste energy from freezer cases for water heating. Overall, the new H-E-B is a compelling study in how builders and developers can continue to produce large-scale projects while remaining sensitive to the issues of resource efficiency.

Because Rosboro glulam is famous for long-span applications with high-grade appearances, the beams were a perfect fit for the massive volume of the H-E-B store interior. And because Rosboro manufactures glulam from smaller second and third-generation trees, and utilizes 100% of every log it harvests for the production of primary or secondary products, the glulam trusses were a great choice for a project on the leading edge of resource-efficient commercial construction. 

Photos by Karen Taylor, Seguin Fabricators (Seguin, TX)

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