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As part of Weyerhauser's committment to product information and availability, Steve Sadler conducts product information classes at local lumberyards. The Fort Collins Brewery's materials package was provided by their local Home Depot, at which Steve had recently spoke about the many versatile and visually pleasing aspects of Rosboro glulam. As a result, the representives of Home Depot knew who to call. Rosboro is proud to have Weyerhauser as part of the their growing distribution network.

Denver, CO

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Jasper Mountain School

A vision is coming to life at Oregon's Jasper Mountain School, a residential treatment center for troubled kids and families, and Rosboro is proud to be part of the effort. Click here to read more and see photos.

Sletten Construction

Supervised by John Hanson and Russell Valline, Sletten Construction Company, Inc. (www.slettencompanies.com) broke ground on Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) campus early October, 2010 in Hermiston, Oregon...click here to read more and see photos.

Project Showcase

Fort Collins Brewery

Ft. Collins BreweryIn the summer of 2010, Fort Collins, Colorado saw the introduction of an exciting new building that attracted news cameras and a boisterous crowd to the ribbon-cutting event. It was the Fort Collins Brewery opening its doors to the public for the first time. But it wasn't just the award-winning beer that was getting all the attention. The architectural flair of the pub was raising its share of eyebrows, an exterior that was built in part with Rosboro glulam.

Mixing western and industrial architectural themes, the brewery building is an amalgamation of brick, metal, stucco, and wood. The natural warm qualities of Rosboro glulam are evident in eaves, headers, and most dramatically, in the soaring portico of steel and glulam beams.

"The unique texture of the rough-sawn glulam brought a lot of character to the exterior," said brewery proprietor Tom Peters. "We wanted a modern, bold structure that would become a conversation piece. And that's what we got."

The same architect who designed a noteworthy Fort Collins community called Prospect, which is known for unique, eclectic street scenes, worked on the Fort Collins Brewery. His plans called for more than 100 architectural grade, rough-sawn beams, which were installed in widths ranging from 3.125" to 8.75", depths from 6" to 15", and cut to order from 6' to 49'. Rosboro proudly fulfilled that order with the stunning results that are evident today in this popular Fort Collins destination.

"The glulam was important for our building because it made the modern look less sterile, more inviting," said Peters. "It helped us achieve a signature architectural style that's exciting for us and our customers."

You can visit the brewery's website at www.fortcollinsbrewery.com

Submitted by Tom Peters, Owner, Fort Collins Brewery (Fort Collins, Denver)

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Before Construction Ft. Collins Brewery Before Our Sign
New Custom Glulam Beams Side view during construction Front Patio with exposed glulam
Side view after construction Fort Collins Brewery A custom glulam entrance