The Rosboro Product Family Album

The Rosboro photo gallery reflects the diversity of our product line, which is comprised of building materials that are among the premier choices in the building industry. Whether glulam beams, panels, studs or dimension lumber, we manufacture each product to ideally serve its intended application.

X-Beam: stock glulam matching standard framing dimension, available in conventional and I-Joist compatible depths, as well as 2 x 10 and 2 x 12 depths.

Treated X-Beam: decay-resistant glulam ideal for outdoor applications.

Custom Glulam: lengths up to 100', depths to 53", and curved beams.

Plywood: engineered wood panels of excellent stability and quality.

Studs, Dimension Lumber, and 4" Timber: from your leading fully integrated forest products company.

Rosboro Photo Gallery

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Rosboro Engineered Wood Products

Rosboro X-Beam Glulam Rosboro Treated X-Beam Rosboro X-Beam Glulam
Rosboro X-Beam Glulam Rosboro AYC Glulam Rosboro Treated X-Beam
Rosboro X-Beam Glulam Rosboro Custom Glulam Rosboro X-Beam Glulam


Rosboro Panel and Dimension Products

Rosboro Exterior Plywood Rosboro Plywood Stacked Rosboro Timbers
Rosboro Studs Rosboro Shipment Rosboro Plywood Flooring
Rosboro Timbers Rosboro Studs On Site Rosboro Plywood Shed


Rosboro Springfield Operations and Mill Site

Rosboro Mill Tower Rosboro Technology Rosboro Glulam Plant
Rosboro Saw Rosboro Mixed Loads Rosboro Plywood Assembled
Rosboro Studs Rosboro Plywood Peeling Rosboro Mill